App Annie: spending on mobile applications will exceed $100 billion by 2021

According to the latest report of the analytical company App Annie, in 2021 users will spend on mobile applications more than 139 billion dollars, of which about 100 billion will have to play for smartphones.

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Asia matters in mobile applications market

Most of the downloads, as in 2016, will be related to non-gaming applications, however, the spending of users in this segment will be less – $33.8 billion out of $139 billion.

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One of the largest markets, both in terms of downloads and income, will be China. In 2021, the regional mobile applications industry will receive $56 billion due to purchases of users.

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As analysts say, the number of smartphones in Chinese mega-cities will soon reach a maximum, but in other cities in the near future the number of devices will grow. Thanks to this, by 2021 the region will be able to take the lead, says the report Ann Annie.

Also expected growth in the number of smartphones and India. Over the next five years, the region may become the second largest application download after the US. Despite this, India will remain a less attractive market for developers due to low purchasing power of residents.

App Store leading in the future

As in 2016, in five years the App Store will remain the most profitable application store, analysts note. It is assumed that in 2021, users will spend in the online store of Apple $60 billion.

On the other hand, in 2017 Google Play will equal the number of downloads from the App Store, predicts App Annie, and by 2021, along with third-party application stores will bring about 78 billion dollars.

The analyst firm advises developers to focus on the Chinese market, where by the end of 2021 users will spend about 41% of the total revenues of the mobile applications market.

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