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Superdata Research and Unity Analytics published the report about the mobile games market growth. It showed a great growth in 2016 and will grow even more in 2017! Due to the report: “The mobile games market earned $40.6B in 2016the equivalent of global box office sales for the year.”

mobile games market leverage
After blockbuster Unity titles like Super Mario Run and Pokemon GO, the mobile games market grew 18% in 2016 year over year and accounted for half of the entire digital games market. This sustained growth is helping legitimate mobile games in the traditional media landscape. It also is attracting big players, with acquisitions like Activision Blizzards $5.9B deal to buy King and Tencents $8.6B payout for Supercell.

The king of a hill.

Action, puzzle and simulation games make up 57% of all installs in the U.S. They also are the most popular genres throughout the world. US players likes the simplicity of puzzle games with cute graphics, which is mostly used for this genre (e.g. Candy Crush series).us mobile games players by genre

How do the US players return to the game?

mobile games market payers and players

Retention for games on iOS is almost twice bigger, speaking about American players, on day 1 as those on Android. Retention is crucial for monetization tweaks and strategies, because it shows to developers, how long the will have an access to their players. Because Android players are so fleeting, developers need to maximize their paid content while they can. Early special offers can help frontload monetization and capture the most revenue early on. Meanwhile, iOS is players save a slower burnout, so rolling out rare items over time, for instance, can continuously access key players.

Mobile games market becomes even bigger.

average monthly revenue mobile games market

Average revenue per paying user went up 7% across all mobile users, causing overall revenue to gain a 14% boost.

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