Mobile gamers spent more during the last year

According to statistics, provided by the Slice Intelligence, mobile gamers spent more in 2016. Speaking about numbers – spent increased by $7 to $ 77.60. Next, you will see the interesting insights about the mobile games market revenues.

Annual Spend Per Buyer mobile gamers

What are the purposes of this increase?

The main mobile game last year was Pokemon GO, which earned 86% more than its competitors and got an 11% of all game sales on mobile devices. The second most popular mobile game became a Candy Crush Saga (6%), only slightly behind Clash Royale (5,4%).

Top Games by Revenue mobile gamers

In average, mobile gamers spent in Pokemon GO $32. The most expensive for mobile gamers were Game of War ($336), and Mobile Strike ($309).

Top Games by Spend Per User mobile gamers

Mobile games sales peak in 2016 was on Christmas Day. The second, in terms of quantity, strength of downloads surge was caused by the release of Pokemon GO, held in mid-July of last year.

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