Superdata research: games revenue for the year reached $91B.

During 2016 total digital games revenue was $91 billion. The majority of the sum came from mobile games. This insights was highlighted by Superdata in their latest research topic. They counted only digital games revenue, so with the retail sales – the number would be even bigger.

superdata games revenues

Lets talk about games revenue

Mobile games market

For the last year, mobile games revenue was $40.6B. The leaders was Monster Strike (with $1.3B) and Clash of Clans (with $1.2B). Clash Royale got $197M, only from March sales finished the year on the third place.

mobile games revenue numbers

Speaking about well known Pokemon GO – it got $778M. It also kick started the sales for Pok?mon Sun and Moon games.

Also, the sum DAU of all mobile games was 2.6B. The vast majority of the mobile games revenue was generated by Asia market – $24.9B.

mobile games revenue regions

F2P pc games

Both games revenue and MAU metrics on PC market are lower than on mobile. F2P PC games revenue for the last year reached $18.6B and MAU was 775M. The most popular f2p game of the year was League of Legends, which generated $1.7B, on the second place – Nexon’s game Dungeon Fighter Online Challenge with it’s $1.1B. On the third place – Crossfire with the same $1.1B.

pc games revenue numbers

The vast majority of the f2p PC games revenue was from MMO (92% of whole PC games users and 87% of all revenues). We can see the similar with mobile games market trends – Asia generated $12.5B from total $18.6. Maybe, we should look to that side of the globe and create good games for Asia.

pc games revenue regions

B2P games for consoles and PC

Digital b2p console games revenue reached $6.6B in 2016 and their MAU was 196M. The top game in this market was Call of Duty: Black Ops III with it’s $591.1M.

console and pc games revenue numbers

On b2p PC market we see lower revenues – $5.4B for 2016. An MAU was a bit lower than it was on consoles – 154M. As expected, the most successful game on PC was Overwatch with $585.6M, I love that game and happy to hear, that it is the most successful game of the last year – it means more interesting content in the future and more cool things to play with in Overwatch!

console games revenue region

premium pc games revenue numbers

All top-5 games on consoles got over $200M each, but on PC we can see, that from the third place there are projects, which didn’t got even $100M for the 2016. The biggest console games revenue was from USA – $2.9B and for PC – it was Europe with $2.7B.

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