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So how to drive your app or game installs and where did we took the info about this? Tune made a research using data of 3,005 smartphone owners from USA. This research was finished in early summer 2016. Also, they took data from their anonymized dataset from App Store and Google Play, from their internal analytics system. And finally, they took the data from 2015, used 1000 smartphone owners. So this report has max margin of error less than 5%.

The key drivers for game installs

why people install your game or app

On the picture, you can see the key factors, which drive installs. The matter of fact, that publisher’s name and good reviews make a difference, when user decide to download your app or not.

Know before install

As data says, almost 70% of users had heard about the app at leas once, before they installed it. And almost 30% heard about it 3 times or more! It tells us, that good advertisement, PR and community building is crucial for your game or app success.

age distribution number of times seen heard of game or app before install

It is even more relevant, for women, due to the report.

gender distribution number of times seen heard of game or app before install

And it is obvious, that if you heard or see something for a couple of times, you will pay attention to it, and more likely install the game or app. And if the brand name with good history is attached to the information about the game or app, it will inflict the app or game installs!

Pareto Principle

As we can see from the data, it is even more crucial, to have a long tail for your brand. Top 50 apps got 5.3X more Google search results from average and they got 5.5X more followers on Facebook. The median numbers reveals an extreme separation: 30X increase in Google result inflicts 25.4X more followers on Facebook.

Here is an info about relations between position in the top and count of downloads:

games and apps downloads app store

games and apps downloads google play

It would be foolish enough, to say, that only thing that matters is brand, but it helps to drive more interest to each new game or app and hence, it helps to get more revenue and even more fans for your brand. Also, getting top positions in the stores is still matters – it drives more organics to your app. But times changed, sometimes, it costs too much to try to get your app into the top. But if you want to create your app – contact us, we will help you!

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