8 facts about the US mobile games market: the report of SEGA and Sensor Tower

Distribution of income, genres and platforms.

In March 2017, the mobile branch of SEGA and the analytical company Sensor Tower released a report on last year’s trends in the US mobile games market. Portal Gamemakers chose the main facts.

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The study looked at games that brought in at least one calendar month 250 thousand dollars of net income from in-game purchases in total in the App Store and Google Play.

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The top 3 categories of mobile games for net revenue in 2016 were strategies (34%), casinos (18%), and puzzles (17%). On the chart they are marked with blue, yellow and green, respectively.

mobile revenue share genre

In July 2016, the launch of Pokemon GO (category “Other”) took a significant market share from the strategies (falling revenues from 39% to 28%). Despite this, by the end of the year, the strategies had almost returned to their original state (36%), while Pokemon GO revenues were declining from July to December.

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Applications for iOS generated most of the revenue from in-game purchases, despite the much smaller coverage of the market. According to the company Statista, only 19% of smartphones in the world installed the operating system Apple, 79% use Android. Unfortunately, the author was not able to find exact data on audience coverage by platforms in the US. Applications for iOS received 3.5 billion dollars of net income (56%), and for Android – 2.7 billion (44%).

mobile releases revenue

The annual revenue leaders in the US among the new games are Clash Royale, Pokemon GO and Lords Mobile. Pokemon GO has received 37% of installations among the 10 most downloaded games of 2016. It is noted that seven of them were developed for known franchises or were a continuation of existing projects.

mobile revenue publishers

Machine Zone became the most profitable mobile publishing house in 2016 in the US. This was influenced by the success of Game of War and Mobile Strike. Game of War, which brought 518.5 million dollars, topped the rating of applications for revenue.

mobile monthly brand ip revenue

Games on the original IP continued to dominate the market – they received 63% of revenue in December 2016. In the same period, products on existing franchises accounted for 37% of the market. However, the latter show much greater growth (139% compared to 30%).

mobile app store top revenues

The 200 most profitable games in the App Store totaled $ 6.6 billion for 2016. The five leaders of the list brought 28% of this amount and 13% of the total downloads.

mobile avg monhly

Top-1 game in the US on average brought in 43.2 million net revenue monthly. The project on 100 place each month earned one million dollars.

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