Where to start your Way of Project Manager?

Outside is 2017, and I have bad news for you:

IT sphere is developing with the speed of a flying bolide in the sky.

What’s wrong with that, you ask? I will tell you.

The bad thing about this is that the market is not experiencing a burning need for project managers. For only 2-3 years the situation has changed completely. Employers are not willing to hire people with abilities, but with zero experience. Very much they have learned over the past few years.

To get a job will not be easy.

However, in this article I will tell you how to overcome this wall. There are still a lot of windows of opportunities in those wall.

project manager how to start

Hello friends! My name is Einar, and this is an online school by “Take Games” studio!

Our fourth lesson is called “Where to start?”.

In the past three articles, Ive told that this is a course for those who want to practice to get a quick start in the specialty of Projects Manager.

What differs project from process – the project has a specific measured goal, which is localized in time and resources. A Project Manager – is a specialist, responsible for the successful implementation of the project.

Next we looked at the issue of self-motivation. You have written your goal for 1 year and realized that for the customer project is the embodiment of his dreams, which can not be split on a rock your frustration.

I advise you to have a timer that sends you to sleep for eight hours. I also shared the autogenic management techniques to relax.

In the last article we learned that time-management is a skill of effective disposition of your time, based on the priorities. And you also planned your next week.

I hope you will act according to the plan and continue to plan your activities?

If not – then go back to the first part and repeat everything again. Do not hurry. Move forward only when realized and began to use the skills described above.

How it works.

All you have to do in order to get a job in the IT field can be divided into two parts: training and finding employment.

Now let’s talk about training.

The main part of all that you need to learn, you will learn from our lessons. Also, most of the articles will have a links to the materials for self-study. When you want to deepen and broaden your knowledge – read books and go through the courses that we recommend.

I started acquaintance with the profession having very little understanding of management in the IT-sphere. The first thing that I did not have was common understanding of how the process of development goes and how everything is working.

It was like a maze and people was constantly passing it. I thought: If they can, then I can! I will pass it. But to find and remember the road was not easy. Puffins were there, where should be doors.

You will be easier. I will describe to you your future path, your future work

project manager solution

a) The first stage is called “Initiating a Project”.

Attention! Always! Do you hear? Be sure to write down everything! Write all the talk on Skype, make screenshots, fix everything, everything in written form.

Immediately notify your second side and explain it so that nothing is missed.

Most often, this stage will start as follows: Your chief will call you to his cabinet, briefly tell you of an incoming project will transfer the existing contacts between the customer and some documentation.

Probably, he also tell you about some restrictions (e.g. not ask to negotiate the price with the customer and its components).

You will need to contact the customer representative and find out the time and the way of communication, the general idea of ??the project, its business value, project goals and objectives. Find out the existing restrictions and requirements (for example they have a corporate color, and they want to repeat them in the project, and development is limited to forty-one calendar day).

Together with the customer and the team developed the concept of the main features of the project.

Pick up information and examples of similar projects with your customer.

Finally start to write or amend the technical documentation. You’re lucky if the customer provides comprehensive documentation. But at the very least try to bring to your team at this stage of an experienced architect.

b) Planning and evaluation.

You gather your team of developers, attract experienced colleagues as consultants and begin to assess the project on SCRUM methodology.

Today it is the most popular and effective development methodology and its used in almost all companies and projects.

When everything is planned, you start with the team estimate (hypothesis will express how much time each task will take, and the whole project estimate).

You add the time on the risks and pass these calculations management.

Leaders try to trim your figure, then multiply the clock on the cost of the work of specialists and thus become known the cost of developing the project.

When all the formalities will be completed with the customer – project starts.

c) Development of the project.

SCRUM methodology implies an iterative development. All works will be carried out by chunks of 2-3 weeks, called a sprint or iteration.

At the end of each iteration must be prepared working part of a project.

The iterations are repeated until you have completed all the tasks and the project will be fully implemented and placed on the grounds that the customer needs.

During the development process you will hold rallies, retrospectives and presentations with the team. Will discuss the development of the project with the Product owner and make adjustments to the work plan. You will monitor the risk and manage the expectations of the customer. It will still be a lot of things, and we will analyze all in detail below.

d) Completion and submission of the project.

Do not flatter yourself. This is not the end. This is a dangerous step.

It is here that most of the customer’s expectations are broken and he make attempts to get you to make a great piece of free additional work.

“99 percent of the way, is only the half of the road”

Japanese proverb

However, I will teach you to minimize these unpleasant moments.

So you will spend on the final presentation of the finished project, write the final documentation and customer wish good luck and prosperity.

e) Carrying out retrospective, post-project support.

Together with the team you have to figure out what can be improved in the development of the next project. You will also train the customer’s representative, to answer his questions, and possibly correct the post-release bugs.

Even in this time, you can train a team rapidly about giving everyone an opportunity to relax and reboot.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Continuing to study with online school by “Take Games” and studying additional materials, you will gradually get an initial amount of knowledge needed to begin a career of Project Manager.

Now in front of you will be the next challenge – hiring to your first job in IT.

At this stage some people throw the pursuit of their dreams and continues to work for the hated working with stingy employer. “But stable” – they console themselves.

You are not.

I remember my emotion when I first heard the story of Chris Gardner. In my eyes there were tears.

There were so many parallels in his life and mine: A low level of education, military service, after which you were no use to anyone. Despair from the constant blows of life and levies the tax service. But I knew that I was a good, hard-working and smart man, so why do the same all the turns so unfair?

And there was a clear understanding of what is still standing on the spot, you will be soon swept away and buried the incident flow problems.

Gardner’s mother told him: “You can count only on yourself. The cavalry is not coming. ”

Chris Gardner became a millionaire and you can do it too!

The most difficult phase of his life is perfectly illustrated by Will Smith in the film by Gabriele Muccino, entitled “The Pursuit of Happyness”. However, Chris’ life and his young son was still a lot of difficult moments. For a whole year they slept in parks, homeless shelters and even in a public toilet.

And yet, he caught up with her happiness.

project manager happines

Remembering about Chris Gardner, I want to show you that our situation is somewhat better, but similar to the labor market in San Francisco beginning of the 80s.

Even completing a training course for the post of PM, you will have to try very hard to get you hired in a decent company.

Today, in addition to your education, specialty, employers will assess your emotional state. IT-sphere loves cheerful and positive people who are loyal to the company and are willing to work late.

In addition will be assessed the growth potential and your ability to teach the younger comrades.

And the main thing that preference will be given to more experienced candidates.

And here we come close to solving the problem: “Where to gain experience?”.

Every business strives to minimize their costs and thus maximize profits.

In this we will play.

Let’s make all won. Search using google all IT-companies in your town, look for their vacancies. Then you need to prepare a great resume, under each company and position individually.

Try to understand that you can be useful to the company and highlight the resume is the information that will be of interest to this employer. Everything else is cut to a minimum.

Lying is not necessary. Just try to show off their most optimistic, forward-looking and professional quality.

Now, try to arrange a personal meeting. It is desirable that at present it is not only the recruiter, but someone from the management.

And tell your offer them:

For a ridiculously low by the standards of IT-sphere, wages, they can hire an intern, who will take care of all the tedious and dirty work. And in the bargain make good work, by launching a prospective employee. That is you.

Yes, you’ll have to work for low wages for two or three months, but after the trial period you will be able to pass one more interview in the company and if you really studied and tried to work – you will be hired as a full-time employee with a regular salary. It is common practice in the industry.

During these months, you will learn more and better than for the entire period of theoretical training. You will increase your salary. And most importantly you will become an employee with practical experience.

And do not rush. As we know:

“Fast – is slow but without breaks.”

Japanese proverb

We did not notice how our life has changed.

It always happens. We have something to do, do, do …

And suddenly we have a one minute to stop. At this point, we were surprised to look around and realize that the problems with which we fought for a long time, is in past. And we stand on a whole new segment of our life. Not such as yesterday was, not such as we sometimes seem it to be.

Just take it and do now. Learn and arrange in any IT-company.

The next time you look around, you will be surprised to find that for a long time youre working as a Project Manager and working conditions are those that you wanted!

“Have a dream? Go for it! It is impossible to go to it? Crawl to it! You can not crawl to it? Lie down and lie in the direction of a dream! ”

Vladislav Uspensky

That is how we reach the goal and win.

project manager in the end


Homework, as always, is simple:

First, re-read and try to remember the steps of your main job.

Second, make a list of companies in which you will try to get.

Thank you for reading!

With you was Einar and online school by “Take Games” studio!

Put huskies, read our blog and order in our games!

And write in the comments: Are you ready to work for several months for 100-200 bucks?

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Literature and the sources:

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