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Hello friends!

My name is Einar. I work as Project Manager in the “Take Games” company. In this series of articles, I will help you to practice to master Project manager profession. The shortest and easiest way.

way of pm in gamedev

The way of PM, especially in gamedev.

What is a project and who controls it?

You will get knowledge of project management principles and be able to immediately use this knowledge for effective management of new or existing projects.

At the end of a series of sessions you will identify customer expectations and be able to manage the project and describe the future affect the volume of the finished product.

You will learn to create a work structure, create project plan, consider the budget, identify and find resources to manage the project development. Also, you will identify and manage risks, and learn about the pitfalls in your future profession.

You and I will not go deep into the theory and the technical side, but instead we will try to provide you a “Quick Start”.

In fact, our course is short lessons for practitioners. You will quickly begin to lift up your theoretical base in the process. Doing it will be possible at any time and at any pace.

In the beginning, I must say that our online school for those whose experience in the IT sector is very small, or for those who have embarked on this path recently.

The language of presentation is as simple as possible, information is the most simplified and with a lot of metaphors.

I think it will help you easily master this profession and do not throw the whole thing in the middle of the path.

To be or not to be?

Let’s start with a question: whether it is necessary for you at all? Should I become a Project Manager?

You need to understand that different companies have several positions called the common word PM: is the actual Project manager, it is also a SCRUM master, is a Product manager, project manager or head of Agile.

Often this role is complemented by the role of Product Owner, the person in charge of product development.

The roles of these really are intertwined and overlap in many aspects. In practice, this work will often be carried out by one person – you.

So good for business and it is sometimes advantageous for the project. All these roles involve a high degree of responsibility and high loads.

You will be responsible for everything. If your QA-tester will fail – youre the first, who will answer to your boss. If your programmer will find his favorite chair drove during the night – its your problem again. Product owner vaguely set the task – its your trouble.

And of course, in practice it is you, who will explain to the customer why the project will be completed two weeks later, than it was originally specified. And why it will cost two thousand dollars more, than it planned.

The good part

All this brings us to understanding the fact, that you have to remember everything and control everything. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Instead of spent nerves You will get a really interesting job!

Working in a very dynamic and lively environment, You will constantly learn something new and to communicate with different people. Communicate with people from all over the globe and from diverse cultural backgrounds. You will feel that you take decisions and make the product better, and you are doing more comfortable the work of others in the company. You will receive high salaries and often travel.

Personally, I think that this is one of the most interesting job in the world!

So, what is it – the project and who is the project manager?

The easiest way to explain it with example:

Construction of a country cottage – it is a project.

It is localized in time and resources, as well as it has a specific measurable goal. The building has a start date and end date, the cost of construction is limited to the allocated budget and available resources.

The result of the project is a cottage house.

But the management of the company that is building cottage house – is not a project, it’s a process. It is not known how long the company will operate in the market, how many resources it will spend for this time, and how much cottages it will build. The result of the activities of such companies may also be different.

Accordingly, Project Manager – is a specialist, who is responsible for ensuring that the project objective was achieved. It reached within a specified time, according to customer requirements, with a fixed value and the limited resources and with the required quality.

boss pm in gamedev

PM in gamedev

It is proved that the project management is the most effective method of creating any products.

Of course, as every project is different, as all the people who invented it and creating the finished product, so there is a lot of different situations and exceptions, but we’ll discuss this further. At this point I will finish the first lesson. As you can see everything is quite simple.


Homework is also simple and consists of two questions:

The first one: do you really want to become a Project Manager? Think about it.

And the second one: is this task is a project: “Expand the base of paying players for game X”?

Write the answers and move your thoughts in the comments and I’ll try to answer each of them and explain obscure places.

I wish you a successful day and good night, friends! See you in the next article!

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