The Way of PM: Workplace and business processes

“The devil is in the details”
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

I think you do not want to face unexpected problems in the first days of work in a new place? It will be especially offensive if these little things turn out to be predictable, small and completely insoluble.

Let’s be professionals even in small things and consider today some issues that need to be solved immediately, as soon as you have come to your new job.

Otherwise, you will immediately get a blow to your reputation and will look confused.

business processesdetails


In the past nine articles, from the “PM Path” cycle, I told that this is a course for those who want to get a quick start in the Project Manager specialty.

That the project differs from the process in that it has a specific measurable goal, it is localized in time and in resources, the Project Manager is the specialist responsible for the successful implementation of the project.

You described your goal for 1 year and realized that for the Customer the project is the embodiment of his dream. I advised you to make an alarm clock, sending you to sleep and shared the technique of auto-training for recreation.

We learned that there-management is the skill of effective time management, taking into account the priorities. And also planned their next week.

Then I told you how the main part of your work will pass. You learned about the history of Chris Gardner and the “Window of Opportunities” on getting the first experience in IT.

In the fifth lesson, we reviewed an example of a resume that you write separately for each company and each post.

So we realized that employment should be viewed as a project, with all the features of analysis, planning and monitoring of implementation. You formed your personal proposal, for employers and learned about the importance of communication with HR-managers.

In the sixth lesson, I told you about where to start with a new company. On the need to consider and write down your principles in a personal constitution, dividing them into different roles.

I told you about the need to identify and record the expectations of your superiors and your colleagues.

Then I recommended that you go with colleagues for pizza or beer, and also told that team building is obtained only when the team together overcomes difficulties, on the way to a common goal.

And today, my friends, we’ll talk about …

Felt-tip pen and power socket

Not all companies adapt the new employees at a good level.

It will be bad if the manager is stupid to wander around the office in search of a rosette or a whole chair.

Therefore, on the first working day, warn the management that the first 2-3 days you will study incoming projects, staff, business processes, corporate culture and so on.

And communicate with the office manager tightly and with him or her, provide all the necessary trifles with your work. For one, get to know yourself and show your experience.

I suggest you draw up about such a list and go on it:

  • Keys from working rooms and omissions;
  • Work desk and chair;
  • Free sockets, network connectors, passwords from wi-fi networks, network adapters and various cables;
  • Work laptop and smartphone;
  • Whiteboard, a set of multi-colored markers and a washcloth (this is a very important device);
  • Self-adhesive paper of different colors and a set of pens;
  • Ruler, clerical buttons and paper clips, scotch tape, clerical knife and scissors (you will be surprised how often colleagues will ask you for all these things);
  • A stack of A4 paper and a small notepad.

On my own experience, I can say that it’s very good when you can immediately draw on the big board a mindmap of all active projects, highlight different directions of work, problems and distribute areas of responsibility. And then hold a meeting with the team at this board and immediately form a scrum-board with stickers pasted on it.

So everything clears up and quickly sets the working tempo.

business processes


Solve these questions right away, because you have to solve them in any case, so why waste time?

“They ask me:” How can you handle all matters in fifteen minutes? “.

I answer: “It’s simple. We must not lose a single second! “.

Richard Branson

Business processes and instructions.

You will come to work with the set of knowledge and skills that you learned earlier and which are similar for most project managers, but your company also has its own knowledge and skills.

Most of them are described in the formal list of business processes.

The business process, my friends, is a recurring sequence of interrelated activities (actions, operations, procedures). When they are executed, they use the resources of the external environment, create value for the consumer and give him the result.

In fact, these algorithms work. Just learn them and work the way you do in your new company.

“And what if my company does not describe the business processes?” – you can ask.

Then I have good news for you! You will develop, describe and approve the management of these business processes. Thus, you will immediately benefit the company and many people will facilitate their working life.

Of course this will be an additional work for you, but personally I would like to see in my company just such employees – initiative and profit!

Plus it will make your further work easier, because you describe the algorithms of work. So, as you understand them. And you will also communicate with your leaders, getting to know them better and understanding what kind of company they want to see.

business processes mind map


Homework – today it will be as short and simple as this article.

The essence of it is this: Try to be a professional and not get into the devil’s network, keep all the little things under control. Then you will not pierce the most obvious and stupid things.

As spies in the famous movie Quentin Tarantino:

business processes fail

I hope today’s article will be useful to you and will help the cycle of articles “The Way of the PM” to be of use!

Thanks for reading, friends. Learn and develop with us. Develop the gamedev industry and order from us outsource development of games. May all of us be lucky!

With you was Einar and the online school of the company “Take Games”!

Share this article to your friends, read our blog and join to our social networks – become our friends, it’s very important for me and helps to understand how interesting you are!

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