The Way of PM: Papers and teams. Be a leader.

Any organization consists of people united by a common goal. This purpose, usually, is described in corporate documents.

So you, as a new employee, need to get acquainted with the team and the papers. Both these parts can become your reliable allies and comrades! Or your enemies.

So be careful and ready for an abundance of new information!

My name is Einar. I work as a Project Manager at TakeGames.

This is our online school, in which I will help you to master the specialty Project manager. The shortest and easiest way.

leader team

Conclusion of the previous lessons

In the last eight lessons I said that this is a course for those who want to get a quick start in the specialty of Project Manager.

That the project differs from the process in that it has a specific measurable goal, it is localized in time and in resources, the Project Manager is the specialist responsible for the successful implementation of the project.

We have considered the issue of self-motivation. You wrote your goal for 1 year and realized that for the Customer the project is the embodiment of his dream.

I advised you to make an alarm clock, sending you to sleep for eight hours and shared the technique of auto-training for recreation.

We learned that there-management is the skill of effective time management, taking into account the priorities. And also planned their week.

Then I told how the standard part of your work will be. So you also learned about the history of Chris Gardner and your “Window of Opportunities” on getting the first experience in IT.

In the fifth lesson, we reviewed the recommendations and example of the resume that you write for each company and position individually.

So we realized that employment should be viewed as a project, with all the features of analysis, planning and monitoring of implementation. You formed your personal proposal, for employers and learned about the importance of communication with HR-managers on LinkedIn.

Special knowledge

So there were two special articles that were designed to help you get rich, with the level of income that you have now.

I told you how to sum up the monthly balance and understand where you are heading, as well as about the need to pay 10-20 percent of yourself for any income.

In the sixth lesson, from the “The Way of PM” series, I told you about where to start by settling into a new company. On the need to consider and write down your principles in a personal constitution, dividing them into different roles.

And I also told you about the need to identify and record the expectations of your bosses and your colleagues.

Let’s move on to communicate with these same colleagues, namely to your team.

Large pizza and different problems.

I hope honesty is on the list of your principles? Ask the manager to introduce you to the team and briefly tell them about yourself. About your achievements and principles, about how you used to work and what good things you managed to celebrate for yourself in this company.

Then honestly say that you want to go deeper into the life of the team and get to know each member of the team more closely.

Therefore, today and tomorrow you will get acquainted with people, projects and papers. And tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you invite everyone to go to a pizzeria together and get acquainted closer in an informal atmosphere.

Maybe someone will say that he already has plans for this evening. Find out when everyone is free to agree on the exact time and place.

For one thing, you can see how the members of the team react to this unexpected offer and how they solve the problem with their schedule.

You will have the opportunity to see who is the informal leader in the team and whether there are those who are set up negatively.

Although it is possible that this is a cheerful, friendly and positive people who willingly respond to your proposal and will find time in their schedule.

leader socializing

I read about a study that proved that joint meals make people closer. Therefore, try to regularly go with colleagues for lunch.

Find out who is interested in who has a hobby and what worries your subordinates. After all, these concerns can long spoil the working atmosphere in the company and it is up to you to solve these issues.

Corporate events

I’ll also tell you how to behave to the manager at corporate events. Personally, I learned this in the first years of my work as a manager, from my executive director.

This woman is a real professional, very serious leader and a real leader.

She was always present at all corporate events, encouraged everyone with praise and tried to create an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Easy booze helped to relax and get out of working roles.

When everyone was relaxing and starting to behave naturally, our director wished everyone a good evening and left.

I recommend that you behave as well. Stay with colleagues, joke a bit and drink a little, or at least take a glass in hand to let the subordinates understand that it’s time to relax.

And then go home.

You should not get drunk with your colleagues, and you also need to give them the opportunity to relax and not think about the fact that the leader is near and watching them. Let everyone really relax and have fun.

“Know: in the love heat – you have to be icy.

At a big feast – you must be an moderate”

Omar Khayyam

Corporate papers.

It is necessary to understand that all values and processes are described in the corporate documentation. You have to read it all and then memorize it.

At one time, the leaders of your company spent a lot of time and energy to think over and describe the mission of the company, its goals and objectives. Its organizational structure and workflow. Standards for the evaluation, development, testing and delivery of software.

Know it all. After all, you will have to act on these instructions many times and periodically you will have contradictions with colleagues. And then you will be sure that you are doing the right thing, because your back is covered with instructions clearly described in the documents.

Is bureaucracy that bad?

Sometimes bureaucracy can play into your hands. And even in a situation when someone will say that “We do everything differently, you just do not know about it,” you can indicate with certainty the written orders of the director, and not on someone’s personal vision.

Unfortunately, this is an inevitable evil. But it’s very hard to argue with such arguments. Be the one who applies these arguments, not those who are beaten by them.

I am genuinely pleased with the fact that the amount of bureaucracy to strive for a minimum. Office wars are terribly destructive phenomenon and I am very glad that in our company “Take Games Studio” we completely got rid of this phenomenon!

And yet, I advise you to be fully prepared for this development of the situation in your office. Be prepared and stick to the values of the company’s founders.

After all, these values are good and thought out. They are important for people who surround us and make the world better!

leader is kind

Be kinder.

So the main idea of this article can be expressed thus: Be always prepared and be kind to people. Be a professional.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”

Wendy Mass

On this, I will finish the seventh article from the series “PM Path”.


As always, is simple:

First: Imagine in your head your actions and words at the first meeting with the team. And during a corporate trip to the pizzeria.

Second: Ask to receive corporate instructions from your future employer to begin studying them in advance.

Thank you for reading!

With you was Einar and the online school company “Take Game”!

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