“How to walk this path” – self motivation

Hello friends! My name is Einar, Iím a project manager at gamedev company called “TakeGames”. And now, youíre reading the second lesson from the series of lessons called “The Way of PM”. In the first article we discussed the questions: “Is it worth it to become a yoke” and “What is a project and who controls them.”

hit the goal with self motivation

Self motivation – why is it so important?

If youíve decided that you still want to become a Project Manager and will master this specialty, then this article will be crucial for your further study and work!

Why? Letís go further. Into the article called “How to walk this path” and itís about the self-motivation.

The trouble is that in your future work you will often face the inertia and passive-aggressive resistance of the surrounding.

And I’ll tell you one clever thing, no offense please:)

Not only the surrounding are lazy goats!

(Oops! I said that? Did I called some people goats? Do you think, that this is bad? It’s bad isn’t it? It is bad, to call people with bad words. Especially managers are forbidden to do so. Okay, letís continue. I wonít do it again. I’ll try, at least :).

So. You can become passive and mentally burnt out man too.

Why is this happening?

I will tell you. This is a natural reaction of the humanís brain, to the actions that seems meaningless to us.

For example. Someone sitting at work and thinks, “Why am I sitting here? Well, we will finish this game and what? Nothing! Next to begin! Life passes by, and Iím doing some kind of garbage! How much time left to the end of the working day? Oh crap, itís another two hours!”

So. This is completely wrong.

This happens not because this asshole worker (oh damn, I said it again – forgive me, forgive me).

Just, this person doesnít understand the value of his work and, as a consequence, he is unhappy, he donít work, he fails the deadlines and triggers conflicts with the boss and the customer.

It ends with the series of scandals that tainted the image of the company and dismissal of this worker.

We should not forget that the money you receive as salaries, someone has been able to make before, spending a lot of time and effort. And now he burns the money to achieve his dreams, to get to his goal!

Try to understand why this is important for your customer why heís entrusted you with the chance to realize his dream.

Try to not become the most unhappy and unloved by all asshole!

Where are you going?

go to your goal with self motivation

Be aware of what you do and where youíre going!

First, you need to understand it, that change my whole life – you can afford it! This is not scary, youíre doing it now.

“Cultivating – means to change, to be perfect – means to change often”

Winston Churchill.

I know what I say, because Iíve completely changed my profession and all those around me twice. The humor is, that until I was told, that I can do it – I felt insecure and afraid to walk this path.

And then, I began to change, I feel pride and happiness.

Hence, you can do it too.

Just make one small step after another. And soon you will be surprised how far you have gone from the man who you been recently.

Just the same the realization of the fact that you can easily change your profession, your life and your world, you need to consider and accept the purpose of those changes.

The goal for the next year, five years, ten years and beyond.

Total control

Starting a good deal, you need to clearly understand your ultimate goal.

What is it, how it can be measured, when youíre planning to achieve it.

This will give you strength to work every day feeling that you’re not making some boring project and rapidly moving forward to his dream.

Here is an example of such a goal, which is likely to be useful to you over the next year:

Radically change your profession and became a Project Manager.

In subsequent training, search for employment and getting new experiences you will need one year.

When you achieve this goal, you will be inspired by the fact that escaped from its vicious circle, you were able to learn a completely new profession and qualitatively change their lives for the better!

Now you are working in a very challenging and modern environment. You communicate with educated and intelligent people, you get paid twice as much than your former colleagues and that’s only the beginning!

The new horizon

morivation new horizon

In this first year, you should always remember your goal!

Your goal: Become a Project Manager in the IT company!

When you will come home from the work, tired, and will think about how to get behind the reluctance to study! That there could be some homework. And you will want to close your eyes and fall to bed – think about all the good things waiting for you in the nearest feature!

Know that you will achieve your goal. This is quite affordable for you!

Spring will come after the winter and you will be a different person.

You will be able to come to work 15 minutes late and no one will say anything! Perhaps you will make a bright and exciting game! In the morning you will wear your favorite faded jeans and faded T-shirt, and the chef will treat you as their own and do not even remember about such a phrase as a dress code!

Remember that now you arenít learning a lesson, youíre moving towards your personal goals. Write this goals with large letters on a sheet of paper and put it in a prominent place.

Every day and every night

Every day, remember it’s all you get, and you will have a good and optimistic mood.

These same goals you should take in the future.

Your next target could be something like: “Become a Middle”, it means, those of middle skills level, with the corresponding benefits and salary.

Think about more global objectives.

For example: “Collect the money to buy one-bedroom apartment in three years.”

Find out the prices of apartments from the builder, divide itís price into 36 months, discuss it with your family members and you will see that it is quite possible for you.

And then work not on a boring task, but move forward to your personal goals!

OK, so with your global motivation, we more or less sorted out.

Small steps to your dream

motivation small steps

Now let’s move onto the daily motivation.

First, think about and acceptation of the fact that you will move forward much faster and smoother if will bring in your personal life a bit of order:


– In the evening, eat only a couple of sandwiches with tea. Do not worry, you will not die of hunger and do not spoil your stomach. You have far too much fat accumulated.

Do not get drunk every Friday, think of how to achieve the following goals faster.


– You need to get enough sleep! Much more than you think.

Get into the habit to go to bed with the expectation to sleep 8 hours a day.

Set the alarm at 11:00 PM and when it rang, just stop doing anything and go to bed.

Fall asleep in a right way

– When you lie down into bed, turn off all the lights and properly ventilate the room, get 1 minute for auditory training: pull, tighten all the muscles of the toes to the crown. Now, consciously relax them one by one: the toes, shins, calves, knees, hips, pelvis, press your lower back, chest and upper back, hands, forearms and shoulders. Finally, relax your jaw, whiskey and the rest of the head.

Sometimes you will feel that just relaxed the muscles that have been strained for a long time and you have the pain in this muscles all the time.

Now, stop all the thoughts in your head and repeat twenty times what you’ll see in a dream. Personally, I love the sea. And now – sleep.

(Once upon a time intelligence officer taught us, during my service in the quick response battalion. We have had to be able to quickly and accurately recover)

Wake up with proper thoughts

– When you wake up, do not think about all that you need to do.

The brain is not able to concentrate on many tasks at once.

Choose three tasks that must be done from the beginning. Those with the highest priority.

Only work on them, switching from one to another every hour.

When theyíre finished – select the next three. Continue until you perform all the tasks.

Now let’s list the ten items that you need to feel constantly and which must work with your boss. In general, talk to your boss as often as possible. Lack of feedback and communication is one of the key problems of the modern world.

Your necessary things

motivation necessary things

So these are the 10 points that give a sense of satisfaction and retain any person at work:

1) A good salary.

2) Getting approval for achievements.

3) You get clear goals.

4) Youíre able to act.

5) You are involved in the life of the company and its goals.

6) You have room to grow.

7) Youíre appreciated.

8) You have a mentor.

9) The company has a mission, and you understand and accept it.

10) Youíre trusted.

We will examine these points in more detail, in future, but for now, just check whether all of them you have or not.


It is the end of our second article, and, of course I’m going to ask you to reflect on two simple tasks:

First: Identify, write for yourself and write below in the comments, your goal for the coming year. If you have any related questions – write them too. I’ll try to help you with them.

Second: Get an alarm clock on 11:00 PM and when you will go to bed, take a minute for auto-training. The first few times you may not go to sleep right away, but soon you will be addicted to this mode.

Bye-bye friends! I wish you a successful day and a good night!

See you in the next article, subscribe to our feed, dream more and play games. And do not forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues!

See you!

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