The Way of PM: Employment in practice. Your resume.

So what? Let’s try to get a job in the IT-company?

I’m sure you feel the light of uncertainty and confusion – you know how to organize yourselves and what to learn, a common understanding of the future of your profession, you will have after the examination of all of our online school materials. But how to do everything in practice – you are not sure about this.

In this article we will deal with this issue.

resume how to get pm job

Hello friends! My name is Einar and an online school by “Take Games”!

Our fifth article is called the “Employment”.

In the past four lessons I said that this is the course for those who want to get a quick start in the speciality of Projects Manager.

What differs from the design process that the target has a specific measured, it is localized in time and resources. A Project Manager is responsible for the successful implementation of the project.

We have considered the question of self-motivation. You have written your goal for 1 year and realized that for the customer project is the embodiment of his dreams.

I advised to have an alarm that sends you to sleep for eight hours and shared anger management techniques to relax.

We have learned that time management is a skill of effective time management, taking into account the priorities. And plan your week.

Then I told how will pass the standard part of your job. So as you have learned about the story of Chris Gardner and your “window of opportunity” to obtain a first experience in IT.

Let’s go through this step in practice and resume.

Writing a resume.

Personally, I’ve repeatedly rewrote his resume from the beginning. Every time it seemed to me that it is really good, but a few years later I discovered that this is just a horrible document and I urgently felt need to throw it in the trash of my personal history.

You probably know that there is no single standardized form of CV. However, below we will look at a few key points and consider the example of the current document.

resume pm employment

Soon you will see that by the nature of your work you will have to periodically examine the dozens of resumes. And you will very quickly begin to appreciate the meaningful summaries, which describes the most important qualities of an employee and there is no extra text.

For each specific job write its specific resume. Write only what is interesting is that the employer, everything else to a minimum.

Remember that your skills will be considered, personal characteristics, growth prospects, and whether you can train colleagues.

And be optimistic and cheerful – this is important.

I suggest you to create a resume in such a way (top – bottom):

a) Be sure to attach your photo.

And try to be nice and smile on it. Dress in the way, people dress on your specialty. If you want to become Project Manager – take a photo in a shirt.

b) Write your name and surname.

Tell about, on what position you are applying for and your contact details. Mention how old you are and where you live.

c) Section “Profile”

Describe the most important points for the employer: your experience in this area, your skills, your strongest qualities.

d) “Background”

What methodologies do you know, what skills are able to apply what own software products, what languages you know, and so on.

e) “Education and training”

In reverse chronological order describe all educational institutions and programs in which you study.

Write not only public schools but also about the courses, trainings and seminars.

f) “Work experience”

In reverse chronological order describe where you were working. I advise you to attach the logo of the company.

Write what duties you performed, what we have achieved and what benefits it has brought to your company.

Give a link to the website of the company and the contact person who can confirm your words.

g) “About me”

In this section, show that you are a living person, try to establish an emotional connection with the person who will be reading your resume.

A simple and optimistic language tell us about what you are interested in life. About your hobbies and values. About what kind of person you are.

h) “For you”

Write what you will benefit in the company. Do not write about the unrealistic fantasies. Talk about practical and useful achievements.

i) “Thank you!”

Be sure to thank for the fact that your resume was read and spent their time. Wish a good day – according to these last words you can be remembered.

Save your resume in PDF format, a file clear sign and place on a public cloud service (for example on Google Drive).

Here’s an example of my resume, from which you can start writing your own:

And write only the truth, though beautiful. Do not waste your and other people’s time, and it will turn out like in the joke:

“I read my resume and cry – how cool I’m!”

The “Employment” project

You just need to understand that employment at the job of your dreams, it’s a marathon of endurance.

Many fall from exhaustion and dying along the way.

But you do not like them!

You’ll be in good shape and will be prepared.

Plan the project. Divide it into two parts: education, training themselves, create a resume, search for particular companies and jobs, preparing for the chain of interviews and cyclical repetition of all this steps, and then – success!

resume run to work

As I wrote above, on the interview you must show that you understand clearly their current level and its value. As well as the willingness of the company to have the results today. Albeit small, but it is measurable!

Convey professionals who will have interview you:

For low by the standards of IT-sphere, salaries, they hire an adequate, optimistic and quickly train workers who will take care of all the tedious and dirty work. That is you.

You will repeat this over and over again and then a good luck will come to you!

“The harder you work, the luckier become.”

Gary Player, one of the most famous golfers in the world

What do the girls want?

Recently, the spaces of the Internet I read a joke that if she wrote you first, then you have come to LinkedIn.

I think you know that – is the largest and well-known social network for business contacts.

And the overwhelming majority of managers of human resources – are girls. They do well with this work!

And it is quite natural that it is the girl on LinkedIn, who write, as an HR of the company, to professionals to establish business contacts.

resume you're hired

The fact someone looking for IT-companies and they need to know, settling on a dream job in 2017, well written article Julia Spiridonova-Mikeda and Michael Bode, published on the

If you can read in Russian – I recommend you to read this article:

Instead of conclusion:

Homework, as always, is simple:

First: Make your resume and put it on google drive.

Second: Make a plan for employment, based on a list of companies that you have made since the last session.

Thank you for reading!

With you was Einar and online school by “Take Games”!

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And write in the comments where we can view your resume.

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