Do you create one kind of content? This is fatal!

Content is the content of your blog, public or site. It can be a sale, an entertaining or educational environment.

How to correctly use all formats of content on the site to attract the user’s attention and increase sales?

Let’s deal with this issue today and we will not repeat the sad fate of competitors!

content shades

Content can include texts, videos, articles, press releases, blog entries, news, infographics and other forms.

Conditionally it is divided into three types: sales, entertainment content and educational information.

So your content is the tool by which you achieve your goals.

For example, to cut bread you will not take a chainsaw, but use a special bread knife. With content, everything is the same.

If you need brand recognition, create funny or educational videos with your product. Users will share clips with each other, and your product will seem to them familiar and familiar player in the game market.

And remember, my friends, that the most effective ways to attract users to your game or company are just videos and pictures.

Let’s take a closer look at what each kind of content looks like, where and when it is used.

Content that sells:

content matters

Its purpose is to sell your products or services. Sales texts reveal the problem of the buyer and offer his solution with the help of your product.

Such content should occupy about 25-30% of the total volume.


  • Do not write: “We produce quality dresses.” Replace this phrase with specific properties and benefits for the reader: “Dresses remain bright even after 30 washings.”
  • Refuse complex terms and abstruse long explanations. Write as if you are talking with friends or acquaintances.
  • Think in advance what your future customers might not agree with. In the text, try to answer their objections and questions. For example, readers may find that the price of your ATV is too high. Offer purchase options in installments or credit, promise a discount if the reader leads a friend.

Creation of selling content:

There are several ways to create content that sells your game or services. Typically, texts are recorded using the AIDA model, where each letter indicates a key action: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Attention is drawn with the help of the title, the first paragraph should be of interest. To evoke the desire to purchase a game or service, the main part of the text is used, and the last item or button “Buy / Order / Subscription”.

There is another structure of information delivery – ODC. This offer, deadline, call to action.

It looks something like this: “Wedding dresses from $ 500. The offer is valid until May 30. Call now on +9 999 999 9999 ”

Almost all texts can be written on the basis of this model: Title, announcement, commercial offer, product description.

Where to use the sold content:

  • Landing page, single-page.
  • Descriptions of goods.
  • Commercial offers.
  • In promotions, discounts, profitable offers.
  • Texts on the main page.
  • Sections “About services”.
  • Texts for sections of the catalog.

Entertaining content!

content entertainment

These are materials that cause a keen interest or a positive attitude. They cause a smile and a desire to share a record or article with friends. This is the calculation!

Catherine reposted your collection of “Unusual Pasta” Mia Pasta, “Jack made a repost from the page of Katherine and your brand has already become familiar to your potential customers.

Entertainment content takes about 20% of the total.

Such content does not lead directly to sales, but the problem is different. It should ensure the reach of the audience and the recognition of your brand.

If you do not have a sense of humor or you think your company is too serious to joke with customers, then know that entertainment will not damage your image and reputation. They will only bring you closer to potential buyers. And clients will appreciate your ability to speak with them in one language.

Even extremely useful and boring information can be written in a modern and vivid manner in the form of images or infographics.

To integrate entertaining articles and publications in a series of articles or videos, you need to know your audience and follow it.

Who are your customers? What kind of humor do they value? Maybe they do not like anecdotes, but they appreciate the subtle irony?

Answering these questions, you can choose the style and content of your entertainment content.

Types of entertainment content:

  • Trends.
  • Jokes regarding your product or the area in which it is used.
  • Polls and tests.
  • Interesting Facts.
  • Infographics.
  • Quotes.
  • Competitions and drawings.
  • Joint marathons, flash mobs.
  • Collections of pictures-demotivators.
  • Provocative statements.
  • A funny video.

Such materials are more often published in social networks, on video hostings or in blogs.

Educational (information) content.

content educational

Useful content is the key to successful customer acquisition!

Educational content helps to strengthen the status of an expert in the chosen niche, expands your influence and attracts the target audience.

It is consumed by people who are already interested in your product. Sometimes they need to solve problems, and your services can help them in this.

Information content is about 50% of the total.

Such content helps to build trust on the part of the buyer, reader or client.

For example, your company is engaged in cabinet furniture. On the main page, in the “About Us” section and in the descriptions of the services, you posted the sales texts.

In social networks, you publish jokes, videos and funny messages such as “10 phrases that we say when we hit with a hammer on our fingers.”

And in the blog they write useful tips, useful articles about frame construction, comparative tables of materials, advantages of different types of insulation.

Readers think something like this: “Hmm, these guys from” Some company “know many subtleties about creating furniture. They write very logically and give many arguments. Apparently their quality is also at a high level. Where are their prices? ”

The education of clients helps create a need for your product in them.

Types of educational content:

  • Opinions of experts.
  • Market analysis.
  • Detailed guides and instructions for your or a close topic.
  • Reviews of games, goods, sites, materials, industry events.
  • Industry news.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Video instructions.
  • Collections of books.
  • Trainings.
  • Booklets in PDF format.
  • Translations of foreign publications.

Such materials are relevant in the blog of your site, in social networks, video hosting, online publications. There you can publish the latest news and trends of your industry, share your successes, turn them into lifehacks and place useful guides.

Choosing where and what type of content should be published, focus on the interests of readers, their problems, needs, fears.

Maintain a balance between all kinds of content and do not be afraid to create new content! Continually alternate the forms of supply of materials. And, of course, do not forget about your goals.

We wish you good luck, friends! Write comments and put your like to this article – we will know that we are working for good reason!

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