The Way of PM: In a new place!

Hello friends! If you read my previous article and put into practice the knowledge described in them, then you may have already been interviewed and are preparing for the first time to go to work in an IT company.

How to do everything right and not make mistakes with far-reaching consequences?

Let’s understand!

My name is Einar. I work as a Project Manager at Take Games.

This is the online school of the company “Take Games” and I will help you to practice the specialty of Project manager in practice. The shortest and easiest way.

project manager I'm new

In the last five lessons, I told that this is a course for those who want to get a quick start in the specialty of Project Manager.

That the project differs from the process in that it has a specific measurable goal, it is localized in time and in resources, the Project Manager is the specialist responsible for the successful implementation of the project.

We have considered the issue of self-motivation. You wrote your goal for 1 year and realized that for the Customer the project is the embodiment of his dream.

I advised you to make an alarm clock, sending you to sleep for eight hours and shared the technique of auto-training for recreation.

We learned that time management is the skill of effectively managing time, taking into account priorities. And planned your week.

Then I told how the standard part of your work will be. So you also learned about the history of Chris Gardner and your “Window of Opportunities” on getting the first experience in IT.

In the fifth article, we reviewed the recommendations and example of the resume that you write for each company and position individually.

So we realized that employment should be viewed as a project, with all the features of analysis, planning and monitoring of implementation. You formed your personal proposal, for employers and learned about the importance of communication with HR-managers on LinkedIn.

Now let’s move on to a new employee of your company. That is to you!

Personal principles.

As a leader (project manager is a leader!), you are also the bearer and mouthpiece of the corporate culture for teams working under your leadership. You are an example.

So now we will think together and write what key principles are important to you personally and your new company.

You need to understand and remember that your subordinates will be guided by you. Being a disciplined, professional, energetic and cheerful leader who always tries to teach his colleagues useful skills, you will do the same for your team. And the team will be able to influence the whole company for the better.

It all starts with you!

“All success begins with self-discipline. It all starts with you! ”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

project manager success

So we again return to the question of self-discipline. Stephen Covey, in his excellent book “The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People,” writes about the need to understand and record his personal principles. The foundation on which your decisions and actions will be confident and unbreakable.

They will be firm and unchanging, regardless of the circumstances.

Relentless project manager

Think about this question: How do you want to see your personal boss?

Surely your ideal boss is not a tyrant and is characterized by amazing adequacy and soberness. I think he considers each of his decisions and every situation that arises in a diverse and balanced manner, after which he is interested in the opinion of the team and specialists in this matter.

Having made a decision, he clearly describes the goal, explains the points for the further work plan, outlines the terms and says what resources will be allocated. He appoints those responsible and with a good parting word, gives them the opportunity to get down to work.

I think your ideal leader always keeps an eye on the pulse of the project and is interested in the progress of work and the problems that have arisen.

He cares about your professional development and maintains a good mood for the whole team. He cheers and believes in success.

If you make a mistake, he will not hesitate to call you for one-on-one conversation and you jointly decide how to fix the situation.

And of course he always comes to work on time, thus setting the working pace of the rest of the company.

And now write down all these qualities and complement them.

Do you like this leader?

Well, so get them!

The qualities of an ideal leader written down above must become your personal working constitution. Print them and put them on your desktop. Reread them and once every six months, add new items.

Deceived expectations.

More often people are upset not because of the very fact of mistakes of people around them, but from what others around them are destroying their expectations.

To prevent this from happening to you, so that you do not disappoint your team and your leader – you must understand exactly what they expect from you.

project manager get ready for new workplace injury

Therefore, I recommend you such an action plan in the new company:

– Ask your supervisor to introduce you to all employees of the company or at least your office. Briefly tell about yourself and about what you will do. Try to be confident, attentive to questions and benevolent.

– Try to get to know each personally and to understand who in the company are informal leaders, try to understand what is important to whom.

– Invite your team to a pizzeria or bowling alley (you can substitute your own option here). And do not neglect it! A lot of research has shown that eating together greatly draws people together.

– Finally go to your supervisor and write down his expectations from your work. Talk about terms and volumes. And also set dates when you will sum up your personal work with him. I recommend two weeks, a month and three months.

– Be sure to comment and demonstrate the results of your work. Try to get in the eyes of your colleagues and leaders.

– Finally, ask about all important non-working questions: where you can have dinner, where to go after work, how to get to the coffee machine and where are your favorite places.

– Be attentive and ready for a friendly resolution of conflict situations. It may happen that one of the employees will immediately be negative to you. Try to listen to him and then convince him that you are not his enemy, but a friend!

– By heart learn the working instructions and business processes in your company!

Only after that you can go to your immediate duties!

And how about my team?

Now it’s time to deal with your team. Perhaps this is one of the most important stages in your work. After all, it is the team of programmers, designers, testers, marketers and SEOs that produces added value, and the manager only helps them in this and directs them.

But this is a big question and we will consider acquaintance with the team in the next article.

We will try to make the team accept you and not become your enemy.

project manager first day horror stories

Thank you for reading this article!

With you was Einar and the online school of the company “Take Games”!

Today’s Homework is simple:

First: Think again and write down the qualities that will become the constitution of the ideal Project Manager.

Second: Write down questions that will help you find out the expectations of your management and your team ..

Comment, read our blog and order games from us!

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