The Way of PM: Different people working in the same studio.

Different people working in the same studio. Often this replaces the collective in companies.

Leaders try to make out strangers, whom they hired not so long ago, a team of comrades. Friends who have the same goals, some dreams and some jokes, over which they laugh.

To do this, companies conduct team building, roll up grandiose banquets and hire expensive coaches. They launch thousands of dollars into the sky, in the form of fireworks and balloons.

But the result is often not what you expected.

So what’s the deal? What prevents people from better understanding each other and removing barriers between colleagues?

I must warn you immediately that every Project Manager, caring about the success of his team, is engaged in team building and raising the morale of his people.

Here I will describe to you my vision and experience of Take Games studio in this subject.

take games wegame

My name is Einar. I work as a Project Manager at Take Games Studio.

This is our online school, in which I will help you to master the specialty Project manager. The shortest and easiest way.

And I will also talk about the issues that will accompany your work and life.

We distinguish corporate from team building.

Let’s return to the question of why some corporate events help strangers become comrades, while others just burn the budget?

In my personal opinion, in order for people to start lowering their shields and seek common ground, they need a common goal and obstacles.

If the goal is: “Well relax, watch performances, eat all the food and drink all the drinks” – that nothing good will come.

Moreover, after such corporate parties, some employees, most dissatisfied, say during coffee breaks: “So much money was spent, it would be better to give out bonuses to everyone.”

What kind of team building, to hell. They sit and are sad.

take games waiting

And a completely different result is obtained when colleagues have a common, hard-to-reach goal!

Own experience

About a year ago I participated in a corporate event, which consisted of two parts:

1) Autoquest (an active game in which teams compete for speed, solving riddles and driving around the city on cars).

2) Banquet. It was the highlight of the program, took a lot longer and cost the company ten times more expensive than the first part.

And what happened?

Several people, and I among them, decided to challenge teams with cars and participate in the game on bicycles!

At first it caused laughter and smiles from the rest of our company, but we firmly stood firm and soon after the start of the game broke out into the top three.

The game was really hard. Closer to the end it became clear that none of the teams do not get into the estimated time for the auto-quest and does not have time to start the banquet.

Our HR tried to stop the game and collect everyone for the official part of the event.

And it was at this moment that something happened that makes real friends from unfamiliar colleagues!

We stood panting from a quick ride around the city. Telephone demanded to stop everything and go back to the collection site. Some teams have already stopped the race and left the competition.

And we looked at each other, thought it all together and decided:

“To hell with this banquet! To hell angry leadership! We will solve the last riddles and drive the last kilometers to the finish line! ”

We became one team, with one goal and one dream!

That day we took the second place, among the seven teams. We fell behind only 16 seconds from the leaders, and even then by the penalty time.

The people with whom I traveled then became real comrades and this fully affected our working relations!

“Thinking about what you can, or about what you can not – in both cases you are right”

Henry Ford

Charging with energy and ideas. How Take Games do it:

An excellent idea are corporate trips to the conference. “Take Games Studio” team consists of people keen on games, movies and modern technology.

Therefore, trips to thematic conferences, with all the attendant difficulties of the way, unforeseen difficulties and a sense of fatigue, with all the impressive novelties of the gaming industry, with thematic reports and the cosplayers accompanying these events, perfectly rally our team.

take games cosplay

There are travel and difficulties and fun! We learn new ideas, share our achievements, test new games, watch exciting video-clips and have fun from the heart!

Often we bring from the conference excellent statistics from large companies in the game industry market and many useful contacts and acquaintances.

take games stormtrooper

After such an intense program, you seem to be rebooting and discussing with the comrades the most interesting events and ideas of today!

A healthy appetite seats everyone at the same table, where communication becomes quite friendly and cheerful!

take games reports

Build teams!

So I advise you to conduct joint trips or games, in which there must necessarily be a goal and difficulties on the way. And everything else, it’s secondary.

For example, after the last corporate departure for the “WeGame” conference, we went to a cinema on cyberpunk with Scarlett Johansson, based on the anime “Ghost in the Shell”. And on the way home, watched the film of the legendary Japanese director Akiro Kurasawa “The Bodyguard.”

In a word, the trip turned out to be versatile, interesting and gave a lot of topics for conversation.

It was nice to test the games of indie developers and give them our recommendations for improvements.

Listen to the interesting reports, like the one from CEO of GameTree PBC, John Uke: “The influence of human personality on his preferences and decisions in games.”

Try different dishes at the festival of street food and drinks:

take games festival

This is the team building that expensive psychologists like to talk about.

Thank you for reading!

With you was Einar and the online school of the company “Take Games”!

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