Bad CTR raises costs: we fix it in 4 steps.

With the abbreviation of the CTR, every marketer who works on the Internet should start his conversation. After all, it is this indicator that most accurately can tell how effective an advertising campaign of your game or application is. And it is for the increase in the ratio of clicks to advertising shows that those who launched an advertising campaign in AdWords or its analogues should fight.

The very word CTR consists of the capital letters of the words click-through rate. In fact, this is a measure of clickability. CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks per banner or ad to the number of impressions. Measure it in percent.

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When your team starts releasing their own games and mastering the game world, you will definitely consider the possibility of independent publishing and promotion. Then you will get acquainted with the advertising and understand the importance of these three letters.

To calculate the CTR, you need to know how many conversions were made by the link and how many letters were delivered. Although rarely someone thinks these numbers manually, because in the personal office of AdWords you can see already the finished figure.

So what level of CTR can be considered good and how low is the CTR?

It is necessary to know that a clear number does not exist. On average, it fluctuates between 2% -6% and partly depends on what kind of business you are advertising.

The resource Mailchimp Research published such data in the report “Email Marketing Benchmarks”, from February 1, 2017:

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The highest level of openability (28.5%) and involvement (5.3%) belongs to the field of crafts, hobbies and interests. The lowest percentage of CTR is in the restaurant business. This is because the restaurant business does not favor email marketing, preferring to develop its own mobile applications.

Also, there is a widespread view that when the CTR level is lower than 1.5%, the advertising bids start to increase and your AdWords account has an unwanted history that adversely affects further rates.

How to increase the CTR?

In addition to the business scope, which can not be changed, the CTR is influenced by factors that are easily amenable to adjustment:

  • Form of information submission and language of communication with a potential client;
  • Nature and relevance of the message;
  • Attractiveness of the topic of the message;
  • Conformity of content with recipient’s expectations;
  • Structure, design, layout of ads;
  • Time of dispatch.

If the CTR stands still or decreases in each subsequent advertising campaign, then it’s time to optimize. Step by step, analyze the entire campaign. Every mistake is the way to effective marketing and achieving excellence.

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Take a few steps that will increase your CTR:

# 1: Coordinate ad topics with their content

The tastier and more attractive the title of the ad, the more you want to read it. The decision on whether to click on the call to action (CTA) or not the reader takes, based not on the topic of the ad, but on how much its content matches its needs. If the topic is intriguing and attractive, but does not apply to the text of the ad – the credibility of your company will disappear and there will not be a transition.

# 2: Use strong and understandable content

Write short messages that will be useful to readers. Take away all the “water” and clarifying information.

Do not forget to add a call-to-action button and the call to action. Make it visible, but not bright. Place it after the first paragraph of the message. Running through the eyes of the message, the reader delves into only the first paragraph, the rest looking through casually. Why not form the main message at the beginning and do not finish its call-to-action?

It is possible that such a letter seems incomplete and clumsy. Do not correct it: reverence to the client is not “please” and “we will be grateful”, but respect for his time. Try to read all the text of the message without scrolling.

# 3: Set up your newsletter on mobile devices

Up to 80% of smartphone owners check mail and watch news in social networks via mobile. Every second prefers to write a message, rather than solve a question by phone. These figures show that mailings without adaptive design are doomed to low Open Rate, CTR and ROI.

Customize your campaign for viewing on smartphones and tablets is easy. Usually, mailing services provide adaptive ad templates and the ability to preview. If you do not have one, do some tests on your gadgets.

# 4: Update the customer base

Keeping this base “toned” is an easy way to get high involvement from readers. Fresh active subscribers are more likely to open letters and click on ads than old people, so clean up subscriber lists and delete inactive recipients. In this case, not the size, but the level of trust in your company matters.

These steps need to be taken to improve the CTR. With perseverance and constant testing, the results will appear after 1-2 companies. When the Open Rate graph and CTR crawl up – you can rejoice, but do not relax. Do not forget, my friends, that marketing is not just sending ads and sending letters, but a well-planned strategy that loves numbers, hard work and constant testing.

I hope, my friends, that this article will be interesting and useful for you. I wish you multimillion-dollar sales of your game and easy to communicate customers.

With you was Einar and the online school of the company “Take Games”!

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