Google allowed developers to place ads on the main page of the store and in the lists of applications

The company also modernizes the intelligent bidding system in UAC.

google main


In the coming months, UAC will also feature a detailed setting of rates. In particular, the developers will be able to change them according to the pay-per-action (tCPA) or payback rate of the user’s advertising (tROAS), in order to more accurately select the target audience – to promote applications among loyal users or those who spend more money in them.

Another solution – App Attribution Partners – will merge data from third-party measurers in AdWords (up to seven tools). Among the first partners of the service are the services of Adways, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, CyberZ, Kochava, and Tune.

Android O and headset

May 17 Google held a conference for developers, which introduced new products. Among them – the version of the operating system Android 8.0 or “O” and a light version of the OS – Android GO.

In addition, it became known that the headsets for the virtual reality platform Daydream, not requiring third-party devices, will be produced by HTC and Lenovo. In the fall, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones will support the Daydream View VR gadget.

google headset

For augmented reality, the corporation is preparing a VPS solution – the Visual Positioning Service. When targeting the terrain, it uses not only data from satellites but visual information from objects surrounding the user.

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