Apple will let developers publicly respond to reviews

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Great news!

At last! With release of new iOS 10.3, games and apps developers will get a tool to publicly respond to App Store users reviews. The Verge is writing about this information, from the message to the developers companies about users reviews on App Store from Apple Developers Support.

Innovations! Games and apps developers are happy.

This feature will look like the similar feature from Google Play. Developers answers will be available for both Mac App Store and iOS. At the moment, developers don’t have any tool to publicly interact with their users. The only way to contact is to use email, social networks or messengers.

New native window

Apple will add new native window for ratings into iOS 10.3. It will give the ability to rate games and apps without leaving them! You can disable this function in the device settings.

The whole thing will give an ability to react to users reviews for developers and receive more feedback for the users. Also, it should ease the process of giving the review for the player and it should look good in the game loop.

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