Zeptolab becomes a games publisher

Russian studio ZeptoLab, known for mobile games Cut The Rope and King Of Thieves, launched the publishing unit, thus they become a games publisher.

games publisher zeptolab

How did they become a games publisher?

The studio began to gradually engage in publishing activities in 2016. ZeptoLab offers developers such services as support in the final stages of production.

Also, they provide marketing assistance, testing and localization, as well as PR and interaction with the user community. ZeptoLab will continue to collaborate with the authors of the games and after the release, announcing updates and analyzing the fans’ feedback.

The head of ZeptoLab publishing department Mikhail Sviblov said that the company wants to build individual relationships with each client.

First, we will not leave a single request unanswered. We will examine each and every game, even if it does not meet the criteria, and help developers to identify problems and potential benefits of the project.

Stage of development is very important. The most complete project has more chances thatwe will publish it.

Mikhail Sviblov, Head of ZeptoLab Publishing Department

On the official website, ZeptoLab published detailed information about its publishing activities. At the moment, newly games publisher is interested in f2p games for mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Amazon).

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