Valve has not abandoned the games, we simply evaluate its work on obsolete criteria. Opinion of Ben Kuchera

Polygon Portal editor Ben Kuchera explains explains why it’s worth changing your attitude towards Valve’s assessment and finally realizing that the company has never stopped making games.

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According to the journalist, thanks to the success of the Steam service, which brings Valve about 30% of revenue, the company managed to maintain its independence. Kuchera pays attention to the fact that Steam is deeply rooted in the consciousness of PC players.

Such a high income from a digital distribution store deprived Valve of the need to create projects in pursuit of fast money. The company is primarily aimed at obtaining a stable profit and further domination of the Steam platform.

Valve does not want to just make money, they already have it already. Valve wants to be sure that the new games and products of the company will help her to save this money. This is a completely different planning system for the future, not available to most publishers and studios.
Ben Kuchera, editor of the portal Polygon

What Gabe told us?

Based on the words of the founder of Valve Gabe Newell, uttered during a question and answer session on Reddit, the journalist said that Valve is playing by the rules.

Instead of developing endless sequels, the company waits for suitable circumstances and every few years produces a project that affects the entire gaming industry.

Usually our projects are the result of a merger of technologies, people who want to work with them, and the game itself, which acts as a platform for interaction of these elements.

When we decided that we need to work on the trading platform, free and user-generated content, Team Fortress is great for this.

Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve

According to Kuchera, many players criticized Valve that she is no longer working on games. However, this, according to the journalist, does not correspond to the real state of affairs.

As an example, he leads two games that occupy the first two lines in the rating of the popularity of games on Steam – Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: GO.

The fact is that Valve is actively developing two of the largest games on the planet, and the lack of sequels does not mean lack of work and income.

Games from Valve – one of the most popular games on the daily schedule, and maintaining the popularity of both projects requires strength and attention.

Ben Kuchera, editor of the portal Polygon

Ben Kuchera about Valve’s success

Kuchera notes that most people care about whether the company is working on Portal 3, Half-Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3. In his opinion, users simply should stop evaluating Valve by the same criteria as other companies.

Valve constantly develops its projects and works on the hardware and the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. However, people continue to demand the sequels, not thinking about their quality.

This does not mean that Valve has not left the development of games. This only indicates that the criteria by which users judge the success of the company are outdated and do not correspond to the studio having its own, special way.

Ben Kuchera, editor of the portal Polygon

On May 2, it became known that Valve left screenwriter Chet Faliszek (Chet Faliszek), who had a hand in two episodes of Half-Life 2, as well as other projects of the company.

This was not the first time that script writers left the company. In February 2017, Valve left Erik Wolpaw (Erik Wolpaw), and in 2016 Mark Laidlaw left the studio.

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