The best games publishers in 2016 by Metacritic.

Metacritic aggregator has published the top companies with the most highly rated games. The full version of the Top list of games publishers you can find here.

best games publishers blizzard

How did they evaluate games publishers?

In 2016 Metacritic had to change the criteria by which the publisher can be considered as “major”. Earlier portal called those companies that produce at least 14 games a year, and now the bar was reduced to 12. This is due to the increasingly popular trend in the industry: in 2017 Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard also plans to release fewer games.

In addition to the amount in the ranking of projects Metacritic considered only rates from critics but no players. The formula includes the percent of “good” projects (average above 75%), the percentage of “bad” (below 49%) and the percentage of “excellent” (more than 90% with a minimum of seven reviews).

Who took the lead among large and medium-sized publishers?

The publisher of the year, according to Metacritic version, became Electronic Arts. The best game – Titanfall 2 (89%), and the worst – the PC version of Need For Speed (68%). Average rating for EA games was 79.7%. For the company it was a breakthrough, as it has seventh rank last year.

best games publishers titanfall 2

In second place came Square Enix, with their best game – PS4-version of Rise of the Tomb Raider (88%), and the worst – DLC Cold Darkness Awakened (56%) for it though. In 2016 the publisher, for the first time, got a place among the “major” games publishers – and from the start, jumped on the second line. The average score of the games – 77.1%.

Nintendo got the third place (average 76.5%), the best and worst games were released on the 3DS – Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition (88%) and Pokemon Rumble World (58%).

The next were Sony (average rating of 70.9%, but there are “excellent” Uncharted 4 with a rating of 93%) and the US company XSEED Games (71,5%). Capcom (71%), Activision Blizzard (71%), Bandai Namco (70,8%), Telltale Games (71,1%) and Ubisoft (69%) following them.

“Average” games publishers, in terms of Metacritic, are companies, which will release 6-11 games during the year. On the top places – Paradox Interactive (for Tyranny), Sega (Total War: Warhammer), Microsoft Game Studios (Forza Horizon 3), Take-Two (XCOM 2), Warner Bros. Interactive (Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition), Bethesda (Dishonored 2).

It is noteworthy that the Microsoft, in contrast to Sony, joined the list of the “middle” of publishers, because they released only 10 games against 23 in the Japanese company.

best games publishers metacritic chart

As a conclusion

It seems like we can see the new trend, like it was in the cinematography. The big games publishers willing to concentrate on the quality of the titles, hence, they publish less games, but with the better quality of the each new title.

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