PlayStation 4 remained the leader in the number of mentions in the press even after the release of Switch

About Nintendo Switch, which was released in March, written almost three times less than about PlayStation 4. This is with reference to the ICO Partners reported portal

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Nintendo improved its positions with Switch release

Since the release of Switch press representatives dedicate her four thousand articles a week. This figure is lower than that of Xbox One and PS4, but ICO analyst Thomas Bideaux said that the console Nintendo showed a good result. According to Bideaux, this is largely due to the fact, as the Japanese company presented Switch.

The presentation took place in January, was not tied to other major events and took place close to the release. As a result, the interest of the press to it was higher than to the announcement of Project Scorpio and demonstrations of PS4 Pro and PS VR.
Thomas Bideaux, analyst at ICO Partners

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At the same time, Bideaux noted that the press practically did not pay attention to the Wii U. During its existence, the previous Nintendo console only once crossed the bar of 10 thousand mentions a month.

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Bideaux also stressed that at the moment the line of games on the Switch is too limited to count on more. According to the analyst, with the release of more games, the interest of the press to the console will grow.

Four thousand mentions a week – an excellent start for the console with a small number of games at the start. This is 40% of the materials about PS4 and just over 50% of the mentions that Xbox One receives.
Thomas Bideaux, analyst at ICO Partners

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PS4 dominating over Xbox

At the same time, the gap between the references between Xbox One and PS 4 continues to grow. According to Bideaux, this is due to the unsuccessful marketing strategy that Microsoft chose.

Starting from January 2015, Xbox One was written only once more often than PS 4. It was after Gamescom 2015, which Sony did not come to.

Microsoft does not want to learn from competitors and continue to make important announcements during major events, in particular, too much relying on the E3. Of course, this exhibition remains the most important event for the industry, but Microsoft practically does not make announcements outside of it. September 2016 was the best for Sony after a number of major announcements. Xbox One was never able to overcome the result obtained after the E3 2015.
Thomas Bideaux, analyst at ICO Partners

According to analysts, the latest Nintendo console is successful not only from advertising, but also from a financial point of view. In Britain, the Switch started twice as fast as the Wii U.

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