Pixar gives their texture pack for FREE

Pixar studio gives open access to 130 textures from their archives. Among them – several types of repeated images of clouds, flowers, paper, water and other materials. So it’s a very interesting texture pack 🙂

Let’s check this texture pack details

texture pack tileable-textures

Textures were made in between 1990-1993 years, however, they added to this library normal and roughness maps (16-bit bump (roughness) and normal maps), so that they still can be used.

In 1993, the idea of “repetitive texture” was so innovative that it was necessary to develop new techniques to create these images. Pixar has registered several patents for technology developed by David Di Francesco (David DiFrancesco).
The representative of Pixar

texture pack contactsheet-130-1 texture pack contactsheet-130-thumb texture pack contactsheet-130-6 texture pack contactsheet-130-2

To this record, there’s also attached a tone gradation (suggested shading gradation), created with using the blkmarbl texture.

We use pxrRoundCube, to the texture can be tiled, and then distribute this function into Function Multiple PxrMuliTexture (dispersion, normal and roughness).

So we have a very large number of options for the “fit” of our textures to each other
The representative of Pixar

texture pack polished-marble-shading-network

Set is distributed using free Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. It allows you to distribute, edit, correct and build upon work, even commercially, as long as you indicate his authorship.

Download link located at the bottom of the original recording.

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