Oculus VR for the first time in a few years was going to miss E3!

Electronic Arts also made a decision to skip the E3. This is reported by VentureBeat.

E3 oculus

As VentureBeat notes, in recent years the Oculus VR stand, marked with a black oval, has become a constant sign of the E3, but in 2017 the company decided not to go to the exhibition.

However, the absence of the stand does not indicate the complete absence of the device itself at the exhibition. It will be demonstrated by both game developers and partners of the company.

According to VentureBeat, Oculus’s decision is due to the manufacturer’s lack of any novelties that require marketing support, as well as the recent failed legal proceedings against Zenimax and the subsequent resignation of co-founder of the company Palmer Lucky.

E3 is changing

Larger companies also decided to skip the E3 in 2017. For example, the stand at the exhibition will not have Electronic Arts, Activision and Disney Interactive – these companies will limit themselves only to their own presentations, as well as participation in the show platform-holders.

The exhibition itself, meanwhile, notes VentureBeat, is in a transitional state. This time, it began to openly sell tickets, compensating for the general decline in interest in the event.

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