Mail.Ru Group will invest $100M in game development companies

The Russian Internet giant Mail.Ru Group announced the creation of a division of Games Ventures, which will invest in gaming publishers and game development companies.

VentureBeat reported about this on April 25.

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The total planned investment is $ 100 million. Of this amount, $ 10 million has already been allocated for transactions that are planned for the near future.

Mail.Ru Group is interested both in the established studios, which need funds to scale the business, and beginners.

First of all, the investor will consider mobile projects, but Mail.Ru Group is ready to finance projects for other platforms.

Financing means not only buying a company entirely, but also buying out a part of the company, as well as investing in a specific project in exchange for future royalties.

More details took a small interview about the initiative of Ilya Karpinsky, director of Mail.Ru Games Ventures.

Mail.Ru Group company was always strong with its own game projects. What made you seriously take up the development in essence an external direction?

About 10 years ago our game direction was created from several top Russian teams. It was these teams that made us the leader of the market today, creating and publishing dozens of games of different genres around the world.

And this once again confirms that the main asset of the game development industry is people. They make projects as they are, add personality and character to them. We want to continue developing, continue looking for new promising and already established teams that are ready to change the market with us, create new products that will be of interest to users in Russia and abroad.

And in order to preserve the unique cultural code of each such team, we offer several options for cooperation in order to choose the most comfortable together.

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Did this decision have a positive experience with Pixonic (Walking War Robots)?

Yes, for us this deal was another confirmation that such forms of interaction with external studios can positively affect the development of both sides.

You stated that you plan to carry out investment activities of several types. But, most likely, you have preferences in the form of cooperation. What type of teamwork with publishers and game developers Mail.Ru Group will be most interesting and why?

As stated, we are ready to consider different types of cooperation – from direct investments and full-fledged purchases to investments in exchange for royalties from the product. With each potential partner we will discuss the format individually, it is much more important for us to find the right team and idea for investment.

You announced plans to invest $ 100 million in two years. Why this particular amount, not $ 50 million or $ 250 million?

This is the amount that we are willing to invest in the coming years,. Then everything will depend on our joint success.

In the publication it was noted that you will, first of all, look closely at mobile projects. What is the reason for this decision?

Now mobile games show active growth, and almost in all markets. With the increase in the number of devices, the development of their technical capabilities, more and more game genres will adopt to mobile platforms.

And many of these adaptations are becoming truly popular and in demand by users. Now the developers and the audience are ready for experiments, so it would be difficult to imagine a better time.

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The press release mentioned that Mail.Ru Games Ventures is ready to work with both experienced and young teams. What should both be in order for you to pay attention to them?

Send a request through our website and provide the list of documents indicated in the form. We are open to ideas and suggestions

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