Gabe Newell believes in the VR future

Gabe Newell, CEO at Valve spoke about his vision of modern VR-market, shared his thoughts about the private gaming platforms and explained why he rarely appears in public.

Here we’ve assembled the most curious things from Polygon’s journalist interview with the head of Valve.

gabe newell vr future

Gabe Newell feels like in ’80th

Before the discussion of VR market, Polygon journalist asked a few questions about Newell’s public speeches. The journalist was struck by how freely and openly held Valve’s leader, communicating with the press, however, he asked, why Newell so rarely appears in public.

Honestly, I’m tired of listening to myself. And I guess that the others is tired of it too. But the meeting with journalists – is not a problem. Communicating with you guys, I have, in fact, communicate with customers.
Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve

Speaking of modern VR-industry, Newell said that it is too early to hope for the success of virtual reality devices. Anybody is watching the headset with the same caution as the first computers in the ’80s.

The same thing happened in 1981, when the first personal computers were presented, and people used them as typewriters. And then there were strange program to work with spreadsheets, which no one had ever used. And suddenly, it turned out, because of this program, business began to use the PC.
Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve

Newell said that he had mistaken more than once, predicting the success or failure of any technology.

Personally, I thought that [Nintendo] DS – this stupid device. It seemed to me, Sony crush Nintendo handheld devices in the race. Obviously, it’s over DS victory.

On the other hand, I remember the first time I played Wii Sports. I thought, God, in these technologies so much potential. Then the game sold a good circulation, and this was all over.

Regarding the VR, we are optimistic. We think that the technology will have a great future. While still in line with our expectations. But as we have already got used to the idea that everything can turn into a total failure.
Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve

The nearest future

htc vive gabe newell vr future

Newell adheres to the idea of an open platform. He believes that it is wrong “to build the garden behind the fence like the iPhone and charge you with the entire industry, as well as to monitor competitors’ access to the market“.

Vive – the most expensive product on the market. It is difficult to cope with in order to adequately provide users with VR-experience. We have to solve many other problems, before we proceed to hardware issues. Not to mention high-quality content.

Therefore, the platform should be open. It is necessary to disclose information about hardware and software. That’s what developers need to explore the possibility of a new sphere.
Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve

Valve’s head does not share the view that in the near future, virtual reality gaming will get the market. First of all it will not happen due to lack of quality content.

Some persons have attracted the attention of statements that virtual reality headset will sell millions of copies. I do not think so. I can not name a single project, because of which millions of people have abandoned their home computers.
Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve

Gabe also said that virtual reality will also serve the cause of progress in development of displays and digital imaging.

We have to go all the way from the VR-devices with low-resolution devices with a resolution of up to and above frame rate than anywhere else: on the PC or on the phone. You will see how virtual reality will bypass any technology for the production of displays. It will begin in 2018-2019, respectively. Then we will start to talk about an incredibly high resolution.
Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve

In conclusion – according to Gabe’s thoughts – we have to wait, until the new tech-boom, which will blow up the games market in the next few years. So, let’s believe in that prophecy and develop cool games, while technologies evolves!

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