Augmented reality – More than reality!

You will be surprised, but even your grandmother is very familiar with the augmented reality! Do not believe me? I think you just did not think about how long and often extended reality is found in our lives. I will give you a hint of the most frequent manifestation of it:

augmented reality rabbit film

Or we can think of more modern situations, when real objects are supplemented with virtual ones.

augmented reality avengers backstage

I think it is now clear that AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), these are different things. Some people use such terms as synonyms: “increased reality”, “improved reality”, “expanded reality”, “enriched reality”.

So what’s the augmented reality (or AR) is?

Augmented reality, or as it is also called Mixed Reality, is a real picture of the world created with the help of a computer or other technical means, which is supplemented with mounted objects and is perceived as an integral picture.

Actually, the term Augmented reality was proposed back in 1990, by researcher Tom Caudell, who then worked for Boeing, one of the largest corporations producing aviation and computer equipment.

Perhaps the best definition of the Extended Reality was given in 1997, by the researcher Ronald Azuma. He described it as a system that meets three parameters:

  • combines virtual and real
  • interacts in real time
  • works in 3D mode

To date, medicine, mobile technology, film, graphic arts, computer games and, of course, space and military sphere are using AR:

augmented reality pilot telemetry

However, recently the greatest surge of interest in the additional reality was caused by the appearance of a sensational game for Android and iOS owners – “Pokemon Go”.

Thousands of people around the world rushed to run through the streets, catching virtual Pokemon and fighting with each other! This game has so driven the minds of the inhabitants of the United States, Australia and New Zealand that some of them died and violated a number of laws!

augmented reality pokemon go

Naturally that of the 250 species of Pokemon, the main and most important was the Pikachu.

And although the interest in the game went as quickly as it appeared, but its success caused many people to think about AR games.

augmented reality pokemon go gameplay

Shortly after the release of “Pokemon Go”, our company, as outsourcing game studio, began to apply for the creation of AR-games and AR-applications. The situation is similar with a lot of game studios in the gaming industry.

Take Games latest experience

Over the past six months, we have implemented three successful AR projects and I must tell you that this is three times more than a year before.

In fact, we do not only make games, but also applications for business. Different technical specifications and different challenges coming from customers, enabled us to obtain a large and diverse experience in working with augmented reality. It is a pity that they are still under the NDA contracts and we can tell about them quite a bit.

One of the projects allows you to crop the image, then place the key points on it and transfer the resulting images to real objects. Thanks to the site Vuforia, for support.

The second allows you to put your inscriptions and logos on real objects. For example, you want to see in real time how your car will look airbrushing and the inscription “Born to be wild” – now you can do it using a smartphone or tablet.

Another small and fast project allows you to see Santa Claus and throw snowballs at him:

augmented reality smash santa

It is quite possible to say that the sphere of augmented reality is experiencing an era of development and is on takeoff.

If you have a hot idea how to color and supplement the existing reality, now is the time to turn it into reality!

Do you agree with this?

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With you was Einar and the online school game studio “Take Games”!

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