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It seems that Netbooks and Chromebooks are doing well (I think you’ve heard about these small laptops sold without the familiar majority of OS users?). A large number of plug-ins that allow you to completely or partially get rid of third-party programs and perform most tasks in the browser, allows their owners to abandon the usual operating systems.

But today’s article is not just about them, it’s about application competition and the mobile web.

We often read that applications could almost completely replace mobile web users sitting in instant messengers, social networks, games and other applications, but not in the browser.
However, recently the trend has become more and more noticeable, because browsers evolve and gradually become a separate environment, which is already compared today with operating systems.

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So what this all about?

Technical specialist of the company “Intercom”, Durkin Hugh, spoke about his view on the development of the mobile.

Chrome and Safari can not replace all applications, just the applications themselves are transformed into browsers.

And in addition, more and more popular are gaining Web Apps. In fact they are not applications in the usual sense, but are mobile sites. News, online stores and various useful utilities and services are easily implemented in this format. And they have a significant advantage – they practically do not occupy memory in the smartphone.
Web Apps can not run autonomously, but with the spread of 4G this has ceased to be a problem. Already, users spend much more time on the mobile web than in applications, considering Web Apps and browsers within applications.

If Safari, Opera and Chrome are typical browsers with navigation buttons and address bar, then web applications are masked for ordinary native ones and at the same time they are deprived of the characteristic attributes of mobile browsers. However, in some applications, there are solutions specific to browsers, for example, Facebook for iOS.

Built-in browsers are in Slack. In Whatsapp, where we communicate with friends, and other applications of the “first screen.” With their help, we consume a wide variety of content, without going from the application to the mobile browser.

The company “ÑomScore” cites data according to which users spend half the time in their favorite application and almost 80% spend only on the three most frequently opened applications.

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The feature of mobile web is near?

We are also interested in the development of browsers. In the first desktop browsers, the main elements with which users interacted were bookmarks. Later, a more sophisticated functionality appeared: control panels with access to various services, for example, MSN News or Google Search. On mobile platforms, everything has changed: users began to spend more time in instant messengers, and now their assistants are bots. They have become a new type of dynamic bookmarks in the browser. Now they do most of the work for us. It is no longer necessary to write the URL in the address bar, just give the bot command, and the necessary content is already loaded.

mobile web competition

Undoubtedly, these trends will affect the scope of the gamedev industry. Already, experts advise startups to look at applications and games differently. Very soon it may turn out that in many business spheres there will be no meaning in native games and applications for Android or iOS. Perhaps developers need to look for solutions in the environment of already existing popular applications. And additionally, such application development trends will also affect the marketing of mobile applications.

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