The Way of PM Let’s become rich! Part 2

What will happen if our imaginary Project Manager Billy decides to quickly pump up a whole mountain of muscles?

How does this usually happen?

We go to the gym and start to exercise a little. We work a lot and hard, listening to our feelings and thinking that we can do it.

And then we go for a week like decrepit old people, tormented by the krepature.

After a week or two, we again go into the hall and again work hard and hard, thinking that the body is already ready for such loads.

And as a result, we suffer one more week from pain in muscles.

The third campaign does not usually happen.

The same thing happens with our desire to become a rich man.

We tear and throw this idea for another year or two.

So how do you get rich and do not get out of this way?

Consider this issue in today’s article.

no pain no gain money

My name is Einar, I work as a Project Manager at the TakeGames Game Studio.

This is our online school and I will help you to practice the specialty of Project manager. The shortest and easiest way.

And also I’ll help you understand how to get rich and learn to see your personal finances transparently.

In the last article, I taught you the first half of the road to wealth:

You need to learn the balance between your income and your expenses.

Now that you know where your financial affairs are going, when you understand how much money you receive and how much you spend – it’s time to send this flow to the right side.

Pay money to yourself!

Let’s return to Billy, who works as Project Manager in the outsourced gaming studio.

Billy pays the state, pays the owner of the apartment, pays the bank, pays the tanker and so on.

But he does not pay himself!

Once you receive any money – separate from them 10-20% and while putting them on deposit. Personally, I separate 30 percent.

Check how it works and you make sure that you do not feel the difference between ten and nine dollars. You will not feel poorer.

Most people say: Well, what’s the point of saving such a small amount? What will I do with it, how will it help me?


Let’s count.

Billy began to spend less money: He moved to a cheaper apartment, began to drive less, stopped eating and drinking two liters of beer a day. He began to buy less clothes and go to the movies a little less often. In addition, he moved to a higher-paying job and repaid the loan within two months.

Now Billy’s balance looks like this:

1) Salary: $ 6000 ($ 72,000 / 12 months)

2) Birthday Gifts: $ 200

Amount: $ 6200

Expenses Billy:

1) Taxes: $ 400

2) Apartment rent: $ 1150

3) Expenses for the car: $ 375

4) Food and Beverage: $ 1250

5) Entertainment, travel and clothing purchase: $ 1550

Amount: $ 4725

Personal financial balance of Billy for one month is: $ 1475

– In January 2017, Billy put this money on a deposit at 5 percent per annum.

– In January 2018, he also put a deposit of $ 1,475, and also added $ 1,550 to them, which he received from the bank. The amount was: $ 3025

– In January 2019, he put $ 1,475, and also added $ 3,025 from the bank to them. The amount was: $ 4500

– In January 2020, he put $ 1,475, and also added $ 4,730 to the bank. The amount was: $ 6205

– In January 2020, he put $ 1,475, and also added $ 4,730 to the bank. The amount was: $ 6205

In April 2021, after 5 years, Billy received $ 6522 from the bank and added $ 1478 to the bank – he received $ 8000.

Taking the money for the whole year, he received $ 114,576 ($ 9548 * 12 months).

Billy continued to live an ordinary life, five years passed unnoticed and suddenly he had almost $ 100,000 on his hands!

He is still young, earns a good salary and he has $ 100k.

What would you personally do if you had $ 100,000 right now?

“Wealth does not bring the money that you earn, but those that you save”

Bodo Schaeffer

Do not get bogged down!

Let’s return to pumping the muscles and our Project Manager Billy.

What do you think: If on the first, second and third training in the gym you limit yourself to a good warm-up and a small part of the exercises, from those that you are able to accomplish – you will return to the gym in a couple of days? After all, you will not have any strength and you will feel that you can do much more!

I think yes!

Dont Overdo it money

This is the same situation with money. You can save much more than 10%, but you will have to limit yourself in everything!

Very soon, life will become joyless and boring, because your friends will go to the cinema and bar without you. And without you, they will travel.

Therefore, my advice to you:

Do not overstay and do not give all 100% of the time during the start. Increase the load gradually and your financial muscles will soon grow stronger, and growing capital will add confidence to you in the future.

Learn to invest!

I hope you understand that you just need to count your income and expenses, and then put on a deposit 10-20 percent of all money.

You will understand that you can develop games, work as a Project Manager, or be a designer who specializes in games and in 5 years become a truly wealthy person who is rapidly moving towards wealth, travel, health and a long life.

To make from this small capital really big – learn investing and financial literacy. Time you have, and soon there will be money!

“Remember that money has the ability to multiply”

Benjamin Franklin

With you was Einar and online school game-studio “TakeGames”!

Homework is simple:

Become rich!

Share this article, read our blog and order games from us!

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