Ex-president of Rockstar North incorporates five studios

Ex-president of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies is incorporating his own studios for gaming industry. They will create games as well as the VRgarnitures. During his career, Benzies produced all GTA games from third to GTA V (there are eight titles in total).

Leslie Benzies, ex-president at Rockstar North

Leslie Benzies, ex-president at Rockstar North

What we know about it

Among this studios Royal Circus Games, which will concentrate their resources on creating games for PC, consoles and mobile. It seems that Starship Group and Everywhere Game Limited will join the party. Royal Circus Games had reserved a trademarkTime For A New World“, it could be their pilot project.

The other studio, VRChitect will concentrate on creation of VR headsets and software. Both, Royal Circus Games and VRChitect will go to IPO, due to clarify their primary aimscreate VR headsets and create games for different platforms, respectfully.

We got this news after the last listening on the Rockstar process. The expresident of the northern division of Rockstar asserts that he was forced to leave his post. As compensation, Benzis requires $150 million.

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