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The great thing happened recently, 18th of January – Gabe Newell, current CEO at Valve answered to the questions on Reddit. Valve’s head have spoken about the planned enhancements for the Steam platform, perspectives of AI development and new games. Of course, there were plenty of jokes about Half Life 3. We bring the most interesting things from the Gabe Newell AMA session to you.

gabe newell

Gabe Newell

Speaking about Valve

Many questions was about the future of Valve and Gabe’s answer was:

We have to widen our capabilities in creation of the new games and apps. We’re thinking, that investments to the hardware will help us in this direction.

Somebody’s looking to use AI: it’s pretty popular nowadays. We have a solid amount of data and computing power, which can be used as a basis for machine learning.

Gabe Newell, CEO at Valve

Steam improvements

Answering the question about improving the technical support, the head of Valve said that Steam still has a lot of work. Firstly, they have to reduce the time of the support response. Secondly, the company is working to expand the technical service staff and attracting new employees in different regions. This will also speed up the work and provide support in different languages.

Half Life 3

half life 2 screenshot

A user asked about the development of Half-Life 3, Newell said that “the number 3 can’t be mentioned.” Also head of Valve has confirmed that the team is working on a full-fledged games with a single campaign. Asked about the rumors about the canceled version of Half-Life 3 Newell simply laughed it off.

Personally, I believe to all unconfirmed anonymous sources from the Internet.
Gabe Newell, CEO at Valve

Future products from Valve

One of the fans asked whether to hope for the release of the game from the universe of Half-Life and Portal. Gabe’s answer was laconic “Yes.” So we can assume, that we will see new game from the Portal or half Life universe soon enough.

While speaking about the future of the Source engine 2, the head of Valve, said that he has high hopes for a development platform.

We continue to use the Source 2 as the primary tool for game development. This engine is the basis of some unannounced projects. In the end, we want everyone who works on games in Valve, used the same engine.
Gabe Newell, CEO at Valve


Also, during the question and answer session one of the fans asked about the continuation of the series Left 4 Dead. Newell gently avoided the answer.

Typically, our projects – is the result of the fusion of technologies, people who wants to work with them, and the game itself, which acts as a platform for the interaction of these elements.

When we decided that we need to work on the trading platform, free and user-generated content, Team Fortress was the best fit for this came up.

Left 4 Dead – this is a good place to jointly create interesting stories.
Gabe Newell, CEO at Valve

The best single game of Valve


In one of the discussions, the head of Valve said that he considers Portal 2 as the best single game of the company. Reddit members immediately reminded of Half-Life, but Newell said that after the years have past, he is looking at this game with regret.

During the development of Half-Life, I was much more involved in the process of production and decision-making – this was my main problem. So now I see in these games a number of things which disappoints me.

If you develop a game, you always have to make compromises. To add one element, it is necessary to sacrifice something. Speaking of Half-Life, I take it all to heart.
Gabe Newell, CEO at Valve

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